What biomarkers are measured as part of this test? Do you look at genes?

We currently assess the levels of tumor antigens which is the standard in cancer screening blood tests around the world. These currently include AFP, CEA, CA-125, CA19-9, CYFRA21-1 for both genders as well as PSA for men only and CA-15-3 for women. Published reports from screening centers in East Asia have demonstrated the usefulness of these biomarkers for detecting several tumor types early. However, 20/20 seeks to improve the accuracy of stand-alone biomarker testing by incorporating algorithms that factor in changes to biomarker levels over time as well as chronic condition that may cause false positives.

We do not currently look for inherited genetic mutation as they contribute to only about five percent of the mutations that cause most cancers. However, in the future we might include circulating tumor DNA if this approach an be validated for use in early detection.