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Diet & Lifestyle Interventions

To Help Lower the Risk of Developing Lethal Cancers

OneTest™ is the first protein based multi-cancer early detection blood test to enter the U.S. market that measures tumor antigens (such as CEA, CA125, and PSA) along with biomarker of inflammation (such as C-reactive protein)

Numerous studies reported in reputable, peer reviewed medical journals have documented how diet and exercise can lower these biomarker levels while also lowering the risk of dying from cancer.

Examples: consumption of tomatoes lowers PSA and onion lowers CEA and CA125 levels. Exercise, along with cherries and dark green leafy vegetables lowers CRP levels.1, 2, 3, 4

Do Diet and Exercise affect Cancer Risk?

We have put together a guide about how diet and exercise affect cancer biomarker levels and outcomes. 

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