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OneTest™ – Multi-Cancer Test


OneTest™ helps detect cancers earlier, at more treatable stages with one simple blood test.
A simple blood test for multiple cancers, harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help identify the disease at an earlier, more treatable stage.

OneTest™ requires a physician’s authorization and one (1) tube of blood. Your OneTest™ collection kit will be mailed to you after your purchase.

  • *Blood Draw Service

    If you do not have a medical provider who can draw your blood specimen, we have partnered with a network of Urgent Care clinics with locations around the country to offer low cost blood drawing service.

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    Telemedicine Authorization

    If you do not have a medical provider who can authorize your lab order form, we have partnered with healthcare professionals who can provide the necessary authorization for your lab order.

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    *Terms of Service:

How to Order

A blood specimen collection kit will be shipped to you after purchasing the test and completing a brief health questionnaire and some other forms.

Please take the collection kit with you when you visit an affiliated retail clinic or your doctor.

Expect results to be posted to our Portal within about 7-10 days of receipt of your blood specimen in our lab.

Discuss your results with the doctor who ordered the test who will share access to our Portal.

Accuracy Reliability

To learn more about the accuracy, reliability and scientific support, please refer to the following page

Shipping Information

  1. After placing your order, you receive a test kit within 1 week.  Each kit contains a specimen tube, ice packs, a returnable insulated shipping box, shipping pouch and return shipping label.
  2. When your kit arrives, remove the 2 ice packs and put in your freezer for a minimum of 48 hours to completely freeze.
  3. When you are ready to get your blood specimen collected, bring your kit and all of the components, including the frozen ice packs, and the return shipping label.
  4. When your specimen has been collected, immediately pack the specimen in the shipping container along with the ice packs and return to the lab using the shipping label that is provided.
  5. Blood specimens must be received within 72 hours of being drawn.
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