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OneTest™ multi-cancer screening detects cancers earlier

A multi-cancer blood test that helps identify cancer earlier for better outcomes.  Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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OneTest™ Standard

OneTest™️ Standard includes  5 or 6 cancer biomarkers: AFP, CEA, CA 19-9, CYFRA 21-1,CA 15-3, CA125, PSA (varies by gender) which are associated with some of the most commonly diagnosed types of cancer.  

OneTest™️ Standard reports each individual cancer marker value and an overall cancer risk score. The algorithms used to calculate overall cancer risk are built and validated from real world data from tens of thousands of  patients tested over 20 years at one of Asia's  leading academic hospitals. 

Not Available for New York residents.


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OneTest™ Premium

OneTest™️ Premium provides increased accuracy with five additional biomarkers for a total of 12 biomarkers: AFP, CEA, CA 19-9, CYFRA 21-1, CA 15-3,  CA125 and PSA, (varies by gender) and HE4, ApoA1, B2-Microglobulin, CRP, and Prealbumin.
OneTest™️ Premium includes expanded cancer risk reporting with overall cancer risk, and individual risk scores for 8 commonly diagnosed types of cancers.
Not Available for Hawaii, Alaska, and New York residents: Hover for more information


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Bringing the Power of AI to Early Cancer Detection
Detecting 20+ Cancer Types


WHY USE OneTest™?

For most cancers, early detection can save lives. OneTest™ is one of the most affordable tools to help detect cancers early. 

Recent studies have demonstrated that genetics only accounts for around 5% of cancers. 

Those concerned about their risk of cancer, even with little or no family history, may benefit from routine cancer marker testing. This approach has become standard practice in Japan, Korea, China and throughout East Asia where nearly all adults receive checkups that include many of the biomarkers in OneTest™.

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We measure tumor proteins not genes. Popular DNA tests look for inherited genes that pre-dispose one to various diseases. Such tests have limited value for early cancer detection since recent studies have confirmed that fewer than 5% of the genetic mutations that cause cancer are inherited. Instead, most cancer-causing mutations result from random DNA copying errors over time. 

Early Detection Saves Lives

Cancer Type 5-year Survival Rate if Detected Early 5-year Survival Rate if Detected Late
Pancreatic Cancer 42% 3%
Colon Cancer 91% 15%
Lung Cancer 60% 6%
Kidney Cancer 93% 14%
Ovarian Cancer 93% 30%
Bladder Cancer 70% 6%
Siegel, et al “Cancer statistics, 2022”, CA CANCER J CLIN 2022;72:7–33

WHAT IS OneTest™?

OneTest™ is among the first multi-cancer screening panels to harness the power of AI to improve the accuracy of tumor marker tests to help identify 20+ types of cancer.

Based around a panel of  tumor markers such as PSA, CEA, AFP, CA-125 and others, OneTest™ can aid in the early detection of many types of cancer, including those not commonly screened for such as lung, liver, pancreas, etc. OneTest™ is powered by real-world, cancer-screening results from tens of thousands of people.



OneTest™ uses cutting edge artificial intelligence and real-world data to dramatically enhance test sensitivity and early detection.

Cancer Risk Management

Biomarker velocity tracking allows healthcare professionals and patients to visualize changes in biomarker levels to assist in cancer detection through serial testing.


OneTest™ is built around a panel of established tumor marker antigens, proven to be highly correlated with many common cancers.


OneTest™ is priced to be affordable, with the intention of supporting yearly testing.


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