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Important Information

Before Placing Your Order

Medical Authorization is Required

OneTest requires an authorization from a licensed medical provider. If you do not have a physician who can authorize your test order, we can connect you with an independent telemedicine physician who can authorize your test for a small fee ($20).

You Must Get a Tube of Blood Drawn

OneTest requires that a single tube of blood be drawn. Your doctor’s office may have someone who can draw your sample. If your physician’s office does not offer blood draw services, you will need to have a local provider to draw your blood sample. We have partnered with two national companies, My One Medical Source (MOMS) and AnyLabTestNow (ALTN), that offer blood draw services, for an extra fee. You may also be able to find a local lab service center who can provide blood draw services.

After Receiving Your Order

When Your Test Kit Arrives

Your test kit should arrive within 7 days from placing your order. When your test kit arrives, you should remove the two ice packs from the inner box and put them in the freezer. The ice packs need at least 2 days to completely freeze.

Before you submit your sample, you will need to register your OneTest™ kit to a OneTest™ account. Please read through and follow the instructions of our Portal Registration Guide.

The following specimen and collection instructions are shipped with your OneTest kit, but can also be downloaded below.

OneTest Standard               OneTest Premium

When To Schedule Your Blood Draw

Blood draws should be scheduled on Mondays thru Thursdays.  Samples must arrive at the lab within 48 hours from when the sample is drawn.  Avoid scheduling your blood draw on Fridays or before holidays or holiday weekends. It is best to schedule your appointment earlier in the day to ensure the sample is picked up by FedEx the same day. 

Shipping Your Test Sample

Your sample must be shipped with completely frozen ice packs.  Your blood sample must be shipped the same day using the pre-paid FedEx Overnight shipping label provided with your test kit. Do not ship samples on Fridays or before holidays. Samples must arrive at the lab within 48 hours from when the sample is drawn.

After Your Sample Is Tested

Getting Notified When Results are Ready

Test results are normally ready 5-10 days after your sample is received. You will receive an email notifying you that your results are ready to be viewed on our portal.  The same email address will be used that you provided when you registered your kit. Please note that our patient portal automatically creates a patient account for you when results become available. Please check your Junk or Clutter folders if you do not see your email after 10 days of sending in your sample.

Accessing Your Test Results

OneTest patient reports are available on our patient portal.  You can access the portal at

Understanding Your Test Results

A document explaining the various parts of the OneTest report are available on the portal.  Log in to your portal account and look for a menu option “OneTest Explanation”.

Access the portal at

Discussing Your Results with a Doctor

We do not offer medical advice to patients regarding test results. Please contact your healthcare professional for a clinical interpretation of OneTest™ results and recommendations for next steps for additional testing.

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