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What does AI mean for healthcare?   AI in healthcare does what AI does everywhere else – it looks for complex patterns and organizes them based on common features. OneTest doesn’t look for a single determinant feature of cancer (for example, just one high biomarker value) it looks at the biomarker values, age and gender of the patient as a whole and looks for patterns associated with cancer in our expansive dataset. This approach helps our test be up to 98% accurate for those with an elevated risk for cancer.   How is AI incorporated in OneTest?   OneTest was shown the biomarker patterns for 27,938 patients as well as clinical factors like their age and gender. They were all healthy and asymptomatic, but some went on to develop cancer in a 12-month period. OneTest took note of the patterns seen in the individuals who went on to be diagnosed with cancer and how that correlated to when they were diagnosed. OneTest has seen the “face of cancer” and can help recognize it in a crowd!   How do we know it works?   This technology seems new, but that doesn’t mean it is “inaccurate”. In fact, OneTest has the highest detection rate of all available MCEDs for a number of common cancers. OneTest has been used in cancer detection for fire departments since 2018. Validation data shows OneTest performs similarly to how it did on the training dataset with East Asian, Western European and North American populations. While we can’t share individual and identifiable data, we have followed up on patients who were able to catch their cancer early with the help of OneTest.   If you still have questions, you can submit a contact form below to get in touch with a Clinical Testing Specialist!

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