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OneTest™ Premium – Multi-Cancer Test


OneTest™ Premium is a multi-cancer early detection blood test which reports risk for eight of the most common cancer types.  These eight cancers represent 92.8%* of all cancers diagnosed in the US, according to the American Cancer Society. These cancers include lung, liver, colon, stomach, pancreatic, prostate (for men), breast and ovarian (for women).

OneTest™ Premium includes 11 biomarkers including the cancer biomarkers in OneTest™ (AFP, CEA, CA 19-9, CA 125, CA 15-3, PSA, CYFRA 21-1) and five additional biomarkers which measure inflammation, an important biological response associated with some types of cancer.  These are HE4, ApoA1, B2-Microglobulin, CRP, and Prealbumin.

* Reference:  American Cancer Society:  Cancer Statistics, 2023 in the American Cancer Society’s journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

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OneTest™ Premium can help with early detection of lung, liver, pancreas, and other cancers that are not widely screened for in the United States.

Previously, multi-cancer blood tests to screen for common types of cancer was only available in other countries.  In the US, cancer screening has been normally limited to colon, breast, cervical (for women), and prostate (for men). OneTest Premium is now available in the US to screen for multiple types of cancers with a single blood test for common cancers including lung, liver, pancreatic, ovarian, prostate, kidney and others.  

Advantages of OneTest™ Premium vs Other Multi-Cancer Tests

In internal validation studies of real world data, OneTest™ Premium has been shown to offer 27% better sensitivity for
stage 1 (early stage) cancer compared to the leading multi-cancer test that utilizes circulating cell free DNA. Click here to see study results

We measure tumor antigens (not genes) which can help detect cancer now, not in the future

Many popular DNA testing companies today offer not only ancestry analysis, but also tests for inherited genetic abnormalities that pre-dispose the consumer to various diseases. Such tests have very limited value for early cancer detection since recent studies have confirmed that fewer than 5% of the genetic mutations that cause cancer are inherited. Instead, most cancer-causing mutations result from random DNA copying errors over time.  

OneTest™ Premium is powered and validated by real-world data from asymptomatic individuals

Most biomarker-based cancer tests are developed and validated using stored laboratory blood samples from cancer patients. The purported accuracy of these tests usually drops considerably when they are later used in a real-world screening setting (i.e. Individuals without signs or symptoms of cancer).

Additional Information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

Getting Tested


OneTest™ requires a physician’s authorization and a getting a blood specimen drawn by a trained phlebotomist.   Medical authorization can be provided by your own physician or we can arrange an independent telemedicine provider to authorize your test. This is an option you can choose when ordering.

When you complete your order, a collection kit will be shipped to you. This should arrive in about 1 week after you place your order.  This collection kit contains a collection tube and everything needed to return your sample for testing.   A prepaid return Fedex Overnight shipping label is included in your order.

When scheduling to have your sample drawn, please schedule your appointment  on a day and time that your sample can be shipped out the same day.  Please ensure that your sample will arrive at the lab within 3 days of being drawn.  Please avoid scheduling on Fridays or before holiday weekends.


Accuracy Reliability

To learn more about the accuracy, reliability and scientific support, please refer to the following page

Shipping Information

Return shipping is $29.99. This incluldes the return shipping container and a prepaid Fedex Overnight return shipping label.

Kindly follow the instructions below:

  1. After placing your order, you receive a test kit within 1 week.  Each kit contains a specimen tube, ice packs, a returnable insulated  shipping box, shipping pouch and return shipping label.
  2. When your kit arrives, remove the 2 ice packs and put in your freezer for a minimum of 48 hours to completely freeze.
  3. When you schedule your appointment to have your blood specimen collected, bring your kit and all of the components, including the frozen ice packs, and the return shipping label.
  4. When your specimen has been collected, immediately pack the specimen in the shipping container along with the ice packs and return to the lab using the shipping label that is provided.
  5. Blood specimens must be received within 72 hours of being drawn.
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