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How does OneTest™ Work?

OneTestTM is a blood test and machine learning algorithm that was developed to aid in the detection of multiple cancers before symptoms occur when treatments are usually more effective.    

The foundation of OneTest is the measurement of a panel of protein biomarkers. OneTest is not a genetic test that predicts your lifetime risk of cancer.  Instead, it measures a group of tumor-associated proteins secreted by tumors as they grow. These biomarkers have been widely used for cancer screening outside of the U.S., especially in the Far East (Japan, South Korea, China) for over two decades. In that region, tens of millions of individuals receive what are often day-long health check-ups that include blood tests that measure the levels of the same biomarkers that are part of OneTestTM.   

A unique feature of OneTest is the incorporation of machine learning algorithms to improve the performance of biomarker testing alone. Machine Learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) in which a computer system has the ability to continually process and incorporate new data and thus fine tune its output over time. Because the algorithm used to combine biomarker levels with relevant clinical factor data is derived from machine learning, this algorithm is amenable to periodic review and redefinition. By leveraging additional data from the US population and expanding the number of clinical factor predictors, we expect to improve the accuracy of the OneTest algorithm over time. 

OneTest customers who permit us to use their biomarker levels, clinical inputs, and cancer / non-cancer outcomes for further algorithm development will eventually help improve the health outcomes of those who subsequently take the test. 


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