LungSPOT Panel


LungSPOT is a blood test to predict 6-year risk for development of lung cancer that combines results of 4-biomarkers with a risk prediction score that incorporates each subject’s clinical risk factors.

The LungSPOT test was developed by scientists at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Testing is provided by Genesys Biolabs, a CAP and CLIA certified lab, approved to perform high complexity testing. FDA does not currently clear or approve LDTs in the US, certification of the laboratory is required under CLIA to ensure quality and validity of tests.


$169.00 LungSPOT Lab Analysis

$29.99 Two-way shipping (required)

Optional Services:

$20.00 Medical Authorization via independent telemedicine physician (or use your own doctor)

$39.00 Blood draw service using our network of medical clinics.



Additional Product Information:

  • Blood test measuring 4 tumor proteins: CEA, CA-125, Cyfra, and ProSFTPB.
  • Exhaustively validated in multiple, independent, blinded, pre-diagnostic (screening) cohorts.
  • About 27 million Americans have smoked an average of one pack of cigarettes per day for 10 or more years (before becoming smoke free for 15 years) and would benefit from the MD Anderson developed blood test on a yearly basis.
  • Currently no marketed tests are known to be addressing this market in a meaningful way.
  • 21% of all cancer deaths will be from lung cancer in 2023, 74% of lung cancers are detected at late stage.
  • Cohorts for Discovery and/or Validation in Pre-Clinical Samples—Lung Cancer.
    • CARET (Carotene and retinol efficacy Trial)
    • PHS (Harvard Physicians’ Health Study)
    • WHI (Women’s Health Initiative)
    • PanCan (PanCanadian Lung Cancer Screening Study
    • NSHDS (Northern Sweden Health and Disease Study)
    • EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition)
    • PLCO (Prostate Lung Colon Ovarian Cohort)
    • NLST (National Lung Cancer Screening Trial)
    • ILST (International Lung Cancer Screening Study)
    • AIR French Multi Center Screening Study
    • MD Anderson Lung Cancer Screening Cohort (LEAP)
    • MD Anderson Indeterminate nodule cohort

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