A new blood test for multiple cancers which can help identify the disease at an early, more treatable stage.


OneTest can aid in the detection of multiple cancers including:

Protect your family, protect your fellow firefighters, protect yourself.


Firefighters are at a 100% greater risk of being diagnosed with some lung cancers over the general population.



With lung cancer, if diagnosed at stage 1, survival rate exceeds 90%.



If lung cancer advances to form multiple, distant tumors, survival rates can fall to below 5%.


Firefighters are at increased risk of developing cancer.

Risks vary according to some specific types of cancer. – Source:

Benefits of OneTest

The OneTest biomarkers aid in the early detection of many of the cancers firefighters are at greater risk of developing.

OneTest can help in the detection of multiple cancers before symptoms occur, when treatments are more effective and less expensive.

Annual testing can detect subtle changes in cancer marker scores that may successfully lead to early diagnoses of developing cancers.

OneTest was developed by 2020 GeneSystems, which has been serving Fire Departments worldwide since 2001 with BioCheck.

2020 GeneSystems’ CEO Jonathan Cohen and other staff are current or former volunteer firefighters.

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Adding the OneTest into our annual physical assessments has helped to provide not only early warning for some of the common types of cancer plaguing our industry but also a sense of relief and security.”

Mansfield Fire Department, Texas

“I just did my test today. It was easy. Just went to my doctor with the kit I got from Onetest. My doctor did some research on the test before I got there and she told me it was a great test for the money.”

Captain Justin Ulrich


“As Chief, this was the easiest decision ever. We just bought these for our department. All 411 members have the option to participate if they would like. If your people are your greatest asset, why would you not protect it?”

Chief Landry Merkison


Dr. Ronald Shore talks about OneTest and the importance of early detection.

Ronald Shore M.D.


Cancer Screening Advocate

Dr. John Verheul talks about using OneTest to screen for cancer in firefighters.

John Verheul M.D.

Family Practioner

Firefighter Cancer Screening Advocate

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Improving Multi-Tumor Biomarker Health Check-up Tests with Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine Learning Algorithms Significantly Improve the Accuracy of Multi Tumor Biomarker Panel for the
Early Detection of Multiple Cancers

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