Buy OneTest for Cancer

OneTest is a new blood test for multiple cancers which can help identify cancers at early, more treatable stage. OneTest is not a genetic test. It looks at biomarkers, known as tumor markers (also called “cancer markers”) which are associated with various types of common cancers.
SARS-CoV-2 antibody test
SARS-CoV-2 antibody test identifies the presence of antibodies to the virus and gives both qualitative and quantitative results to provide a more detailed understanding  of antibody levels than previous tests.
Medical Authorization
Important: Every OneTest order requires an authorization by a licensed medical provider.  You can have your own doctor order your test or use Encore Health, an independent network of board-certified physicians, to provide test authorization for $15.00. Your physician authorization fee can be paid on a separate website. Please click on the following link: Physician authorization
Medical Consultation
To assist our customers with getting medical support and understanding more about their OneTest report, we have partnered with an independent telemedicine provider, Encore Health.   When you engage with this medical provider, you can discuss your test results, and review options for next steps. Please note: our lab is not authorized to provide any medical advice.  Should you choose to engage with Encore Health, you establish a relationship directly with this telemedicine provider.  No information is shared with our lab.   This services is not required and is offered for the convenience of customers who may not have a medical provider to review their results. 49.99s.
FedEx Overnight return label
OneTest specimens must be shipped back to the lab using express overnight shipping.  You can purchase this pre-paid Fedex label or use your own shipping account.